Azalea Plant Dying – How to Save & Grow Healthy [ 2022 ]

Your garden looks attractive and beautiful when it has flowers of different colors with fresh leaves. Azalea is one of the most beautiful plants with pretty flowers and is easy to grow. To make your garden look even more beautiful, you should take care of the azalea plant as it is quite sensitive. Many people claim that their azalea plant is dying, which may worry them. Azalea plants die due to low maintenance, which leads to several plant issues.

If you notice your azalea plant dying, then you need to look for the reason behind it in order to fix it soon to protect against further damages. There are many reasons which cause the azalea plant to die, but here I will share with you the most common reasons and the ways to keep your azalea plant alive. Follow the article to fix the problem of your plant if you are the one facing it too.

Azalea Plant Dying – How to Grow

The azalea plant originates from the rhododendron plant, which is pointed and smaller in shape. The leaves of this plant are wide and large, with a leathery and soft surface. The best thing is that you can grow azalea plants indoors and outdoors as it gives a beautiful look to your garden. These plants are quite sensitive and require a lot of care, or else they will die.

Reasons that Cause Azalea Plant to Die

The few common reasons which cause the azalea plant to change color and die are watering issues, fungal diseases, hot temperature, and alkaline soil. Also, there are other reasons too, but these are the most prominent and observable one, which eventually leads to the death of the azalea plant.

1. Improper Watering

The first and the main reason for the death of the azalea plant is improper watering. Azalea plants require a good amount of water in order to remain alive and fresh. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is the oversaturation of the soil. For proper watering, you need to water your plant carefully and keep it hydrated whenever the soil gets dry. For winter, you should water them once a week, and for summers, you should water them for at least 3 to 4 days.

2. Fungal Issues

When you over-water the azalea plant, then it will lead to some fungal issues, which will inhibit its growth. The roots of the azalea plant swell when you give an excessive amount of water, which leads to the death of the plant. The swelling of the roots causes fungal diseases, which are difficult to remove. During fungal issues, the leaves of azalea become yellowish and smelly.

3. Too Much or Too Less Sunlight

Another reason which dries the leaves of the azalea plant and leads to its death is the improper amount of sunlight. You should keep the azalea plant under a proper and requirable amount of sunlight. These plants do not require direct sunlight as they will burn their leaves. For proper growth, it requires a balance between sunlight and shade.

4. Soil That is Too Alkaline

While you are watering the azalea plant, it is important to check its soil acidic condition. The azalea plant is best to grow in acidic soil conditions, which has a pH of about 4 to 6. At this pH, the azalea plant quickly dissolves the nutrients and grows properly. If the soil is too alkaline, then it causes the death of the roots of the azalea plant.


Why is my azalea plant dying?

When the leaves of the azalea plant become brown, yellow, and dry, it means that your plant is dying. It is usually because of improper watering or fungal issues in the roots of the plant. Dieback is a fungal disease that damages the roots and causes the plant to die.

What does an overwatered azalea look like?

When you overwater your azalea plant, then its leaves become brown and dry. It becomes unhealthy and provides an arid look.

How do I save my azaleas?

To save your azalea from dying, you need to apply fish emulsion, which will restore your plant. Also, you need to provide proper water and sunlight in order for its healthy development.


Before your azalea plant dies, it is best to know before time so that you can take steps to revitalize it. Once you know the reasons for its death, you should be aware of doing specific things which make it dry and eventually cause it to die. In order to keep them healthy and fresh, you should water them properly and keep them in shady places to prevent direct exposure to sunlight, which is another cause of its death.