Cucumber Plant Turning Yellow, White, Brown, Black – Save It

Having a cucumber plant in your home is very beneficial. To overcome the heat of the sun in summers, you can use fresh slices of cucumber for fresh lemonade. Getting the fresh vegetables directly from your garden can help you make scrumptious salads and drinks. It is very healthy for your body and cures heart, lungs, and kidney problems.

Sometimes you might have noticed that the leaves of the cucumber plant are turning yellow, white, brown, and black. Instead of just sitting and worrying you should know the reasons behind its cause and how you can fix this problem. Well, here in this article I have discussed the common causes of all these colors and ways you can take care of your plant.

Cucumber Plant Turning Yellow, White, Brown, Black

Cucumbers are water-loving plants, which grow in summers and are quite healthy for your body. It has antioxidants that prevent heart diseases, osteoporosis, and cancer. It consists of low calories and high amounts of water. They grow quickly and beautifully but need proper care. Here are some reasons that you should know and take preventive measures to fix this issue.

Reasons for All Colors

1. Nitrogen Deficiency

The first and common reason is the over-watering of the cucumber plant, which turns its leaves yellow, white, brown, and black. When the cucumber plant leaves start to discolor then it is not a healthy sign. Over-watering damages its roots as too much water is submerged in the soil. Excess water causes the growth of molds at the sides of the roots, which damages the root part and stunts its growth. When the roots of the cucumber plants are damaged, it stops taking in nutrients, which leads to chlorosis.


To overcome this problem you need to water the plant suitably. To fix the problem of chlorosis you need to use nitrogen fertilizer, which will properly dilute the soil and prevent root damage. Nitrogen fertilizers are used to overcome the nitrogen deficiency and treat the plant, which is turning yellow, brown, white, and black.

2. Potassium Deficiency

Potassium deficiency is another cause for the cucumber plant, which turns its color to yellow, white, brown, and black. When the nitrogen deficiency increases and leads to the inner parts of the roots then it causes potassium deficiency because at this level the plant needs more potassium to survive. Potassium plays a vital role in plant growth and its deficiency leads to stunted growth of the plant. The cucumber that grows with potassium deficiency consists of many diseases.


Potassium fertilizer is available, which corrects the ratio of potassium that plants need. Once the potassium fertilizers fulfill the plant requirement then the cucumber plant grows normally and quickly. The soluble potassium fertilizer is penetrated into the soil so that they reach the root level and fix the potassium deficiency.

3. Magnesium Deficiency

Well, magnesium deficiency is another cause of cucumber plant discoloration (yellow, black, white. and brown). Magnesium deficiency is basically caused by excessive potassium, calcium, and ammonium. When the cucumber plant leaves turn into a yellow color it means that the plant is suffering from magnesium deficiency.


For treating magnesium deficiency you need magnesium-rich minerals for the soil of the cucumber plant. You can also spray it on the soil, which will make the leaves greenish again and fix the magnesium deficiency. Magnesium will lead to photosynthesis and reproduction of the cucumber plant.


Why are my cucumbers turning yellow and brown?

Your cucumbers are turning yellow and brown due to some deficiency. When the color of the leaves becomes yellow and brown it means that there is a nutritional imbalance that your cucumber plant is suffering from.

How do you fix a yellow cucumber plant?

When the cucumber plant becomes yellow it means that it is suffering from nutritional deficiency and you need to fix it. You should use iron fertilizer to overcome this problem.


Well, I hope that you have understood the problem of why cucumber plants turn to yellow, white, brown, and black colors. You need to take care of the plant by providing proper nutritional fertilizers, water, and sunlight. Once you get to know the reason behind the problem then you can easily fix it accordingly and can save your cucumber plant for summer use.