Elephant Ear Turning Yellow, Brown, White – Save it Today

Everyone loves gardening as the fresh and beautiful leaves and flowers add beauty to your garden. Elephant plants are the most common plants that you see in all gardens because they flourish in almost every season. The shape of its leaf is wide and attractive. But, sometimes you may notice the elephant ear plants turning yellow, white, and brown, which might worry you.

This discoloration damages your plant and stunts its growth, which is worrisome. Proper maintenance is requirable, which increases the plant life and keeps it fresh for a longer period of time. In this article, I will share the cause of elephant ear turning yellow, brown, and white and also what precautionary measures you should take in order to overcome this problem.

Elephant Ear Turning Yellow, Brown, and White

It is important to keep a check on your elephant ear plants in your garden as they may turn yellow, brown, or white. This discoloration is dangerous to the plant’s health, which inhibits its growth and later it dies. There are several reasons that cause this problem and you should know those problems in order to deal with them. Firstly, you need to know the reasons, which cause these colors and the preventive steps to take care of them.

Reasons for Different Color Types

1. Low Humidity

The first reason for turning the elephant ear yellow, brown, and white is due to lack of humidity. The elephant ear plant requires a lot of humidity and it might struggle with low moisture. The low humidity causes the leaves to discolor (yellow, brown, and white) and makes it difficult to survive for them.

How to Overcome It

The best thing to do to overcome this problem is to keep the plant in a naturally humid place. You should put the plant in a large container and keep pebbles and pour a large amount of water into it. This will keep your elephant plant moist and will keep it fresh and prevent blotching.

2. Lack Of Sunlight

Another reason for elephant ear plants turning brown, yellow, and white is because of the lack of sunlight. The elephant plant needs a good amount of sunlight in order to grow fresh and healthy. If you don’t keep your elephant plant in the sunlight then these plant leaves will lose their color eventually. And you will notice the yellow, brown, and white color on its leaves and soon they will fall.

How To Overcome It

The best solution to this problem is to keep the plant in a place where it is exposed to plenty of sunlight. Shift their place to where most of the sunlight is available in order to get the required amount of sunlight. The relocation and getting a good amount of sunlight will keep these plants fresh.

3. Inconsistent Watering

Inconsistent watering is another reason for elephant ears turning yellow, brown, and white. The plant leaves need a good amount of water in order to remain fresh and beautiful. Sometimes over-watering and inconsistent watering cause discoloration. A suitable amount of water transports nutrients to the plant and keeps it healthy by increasing its growth.

How To Overcome It

To fix this problem you need to keep the soil of the plant moist. If you see that the soil is drying, you should water it. You should water the plant soil 2 to 3 inches per week, which will make your plant leaves green and fresh.


Why are my elephant ears turning yellow and brown?

There are several reasons why the elephant’s ears turn yellow and brown. Well, the watering issue is one of the most common problems, which causes elephant ears to turn brown and white.

Do elephant ear plants need full sun?

Yes, the elephant ear plants need full sun in order to grow properly. You need to select the proper location and keep the plant in direct sunlight for proper functioning.

How do I know if my elephant ear plant is dying?

When the leaves of your elephant ear plant are getting yellow or dry then it means that it is dying. You need to take precautionary steps to prevent them from drying.


Well, I hope that you have got an idea of why the elephant ear turns yellow, brown, and white. To keep your plant leaves healthy and fresh you should follow these steps to prevent drying. The elephant ear requires proper care and maintenance for healthy growth and fertilization. Firstly, you need to identify the problem and then fix it accordingly.