How and When to Fertilize Basil Plant – 2022

Basil is one of the most common herb plants that you will come across in every other house. This is because it has so many benefits and has a soothing smell. If you are one of those people who like gardening and love to have home-grown vegetables and fruits then this article is for you. In this article, I will talk about some of the ways through which you can fertilize the basil plant and the best time for it. Also, you must be wondering what is the most suitable fertilizer for the basil plant? So, let’s go into the details without further delay.

How and When to Fertilize Basil Plant

Given below is a list of the ways in which you can fertilize the basil plant and also the right time for adding fertilizers to the soil:

1. Right Time

Fertilizing the basil plant is an extremely essential thing that you should not forget. The most appropriate time to fertilize the basil plant is after every four or six weeks. This time duration is for the basil plants that grow indoors. However, those which grow outdoors should be fertilized after every three weeks, approximately. One thing that you should keep in mind is that the fertilizer should be purely organic. Potassium, nitrogen, and phosphate are the key ingredients that should be present in the fertilizer because they are really beneficial for the basil plant.

The best time for fertilizing is the growing season in which it works the most. In that season, if you properly water the soil and add fertilizer after every few days then the basil plant will grow really faster and healthier. Sunlight is just as important as fertilizer because it adds value to the growth of the basil plant. So you need to make sure that the basil plant is getting enough sunlight that is necessary for its survival and growth.

2. Temperature and Water

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you need to water the solid of the basil plant instead of watering the plant’s leaves or the flowers. The soil needs water the most and it will then eventually transfer to the other parts. Watering every day keeps the basil plant healthy and adds value to its life. Sunlight and warm temperature are other two important factors that are essential for the basil plant. So, a balanced combination of water, sunlight, and a slightly warm temperature is essential for the quick growth of the basil plant.

3. Suitable Fertilizer

Normally, if the soil is good, the basil plant will not need any fertilizer. If in case it requires fertilizer then make sure that it is an organic, and balanced kind of fertilizer. Liquid seaweed can be a good fertilizer for the basil plant or you can also use fish emulsion as its fertilizer. You can mix some quantity of the fertilizer with the soil and for that matter, you can use a garden fork. Once you do that, just water the soil at the end, and the solid and fertilizer will be completely mixed with each other. However, make sure that the fertilizer does not come in contact with the plant’s leaves because it can actually burn them.