How and When to Fertilize Basil Plant – 2022

Fertilize Basil Plant

Basil is one of the most common herb plants that you will come across in every other house. This is because it has so many benefits and has a soothing smell. If you are one of those people who like gardening and love to have home-grown vegetables and fruits then this article is for you. … Read more

Basil Plant and Pets – Poisonous to Cats & Dogs?

Basil Plant and Pets

Basil is one of the most popular herbs that is used all across the world in different dishes. It looks similar to the mint plant and has several beneficial properties. Basil not only adds to the flavor of the food but also has a number of health benefits due to which people generally prefer adding … Read more

Hibiscus Plant Dying – Reasons & How to Save it Today

Hibiscus Plant Dying

Beautiful gardens with different colors of flowers look pretty and attractive. Hibiscus plants are incredibly popular and add beauty to your garden. They bloom beautiful flowers that give the alluring look to the visitor. Well, the hibiscus plant is very sensitive and requires special care. If you take care of this plant properly then you … Read more

Hibiscus Plant Turning Yellow – How to Save it Today


Hibiscus needs nourishment just like other plants. Lack of nutrients may result in yellow leaves and plant dying. However, this is not something to stress about. It is totally natural and something that is common. Hibiscus generally turns yellow when it is deficient in nutrients and minerals. In such a situation, you need to take … Read more

Elephant Ear Turning Yellow, Brown, White – Save it Today

Elephant Ear Turning Yellow

Everyone loves gardening as the fresh and beautiful leaves and flowers add beauty to your garden. Elephant plants are the most common plants that you see in all gardens because they flourish in almost every season. The shape of its leaf is wide and attractive. But, sometimes you may notice the elephant ear plants turning … Read more

English Ivy and Pets – [ Toxic to Dogs & Cats? ]

English Ivy and Pets

Who doesn’t like flowers and plants? Well, they are a gift of nature, and everybody likes to see them. They make you feel fresh and the house looks very aesthetic. Millions of plants and flowers are present worldwide, having different types, shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be used both outdoors and indoors and look … Read more

How to Propagate English Ivy – [ Cutting & Water Growth ]

Everyone loves to grow those plants that do not need much attention and add noticeable beauty to your lawn. English Ivy is among one of them. You plant the Ivy, and it grows heavily throughout the year with your little attention. Moreover, this plant enhances the overall look of your garden and helps you decorate … Read more

Yucca Plant Dying – How to Save Today for Healthy Growth

dying yucca plant

The Yucca plant is among the common plants which are placed both indoor and outdoor. It makes your garden’s look more attractive. This indoor-outdoor plant is not very demandable in terms of care. Yucca plant is an easy-going plant and convenient to care for, but still, several problems may arise in your unique vertical plant. … Read more

How to Grow Bougainvillea – [ Cutting & Seeds – Quick 2022 ]

How to Grow Bougainvillea

Are you here while searching for greenery that could cover your boundary wall? Or are you looking for vibrant and easy care, trouble-free plants? Bougainvillea is the best selection. Growing Bougainvillea is not very tricky as this is a low-maintenance plant and doesn’t need your continuous, persistent attention. If you are looking for fast climbers, … Read more

How to Prune Bougainvillea – [ Grow Healthy in 2022 ]

How to Prune Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea looks gorgeous when it is grown to its perfect shape with healthy leaves and pretty colorful flowers. Plants are similar to your child; they need affection, attention, and care to grow. Bougainvillea hunts for proper sunlight, adequate water supply, and good airflow for thriving growth. Additionally, proper pruning is a plus point for the … Read more

How to Prune Basil Plant – [ Grow Healthy in 2022 ]

How to Prune Basil Plant

Pruning involves cutting off the various parts of a plant to make it grow more healthily and nutritiously. It is the trimming of some parts of a plant that results in considerable growth from that particular part of that plant. Pruning is done according to the need and necessities. A good season is needed for … Read more

Hibiscus Plant and Pets – [ Dogs & Cats ] – 2022

hibiscus plant cat

Are you worried about your pets sneaking into your Hibiscus plant? It has no permanent solution other than getting rid of it, but you can be mentally prepared for outcomes that can hurt your pets. Cats and dogs get attracted to blossoming Hibiscus flowers, and when they eat them, it may prove threatening for their … Read more

How to Grow Hibiscus Plant – [ Faster & Healthy in 2022 ]

How to Grow Hibiscus Plant

Do you love gardening and have a beautiful garden in your home? If yes, then you must know about hibiscus plants that produce large and blooming bell-shaped flowers. Because without these stunning flowers, your lawn is incomplete. This is the most attractive flower for your indoor garden to catch butterflies and birds in your lawn. … Read more

How to Prune Hibiscus Plant – [ Quick Growth in 2022 ]

How to Prune Hibiscus Plant

Pruning is the cutting and trimming of the extra growth of a plant or the dead ends, which may cause hurdles in the healthy development of the plant. It is the critical step for making your plant proliferate and more healthily. Giving time and proper care to the plant results in more fruiting and flowering. … Read more

Asparagus Ferns Turning Yellow, Brown and White – 2022

Asparagus Ferns changing color

Asparagus plants are ornamental plants and can be used both indoors and outdoors as well. Their leaves do not look like typical plant leaves but are pointy and can be sharp sometimes. These can even cause irritation to the hands when cut so gloves shall be worn before cutting the foliage. These ferns can produce … Read more

How to Prune Azaleas – [ Trim & Grow in 2022 ]

How to Prune Azaleas

No other plant can beat the beauty of having colorful azaleas in your garden. Azaleas have the ability to liven up the entire appearance of your garden with their vibrant hues. However, if not maintained and pruned properly, they have the tendency to overgrow and make the garden look unkempt. How to Prune Azaleas Azaleas … Read more

How to Propagate Azaleas – [ Cutting & Layering in 2022 ]

How to Propagate Azaleas

The beauty of a house increases tenfold when large bushes of azaleas are present in the garden and pots with vibrant and colorful flowers sprouting from every stem. This stunning and eye-catching view can be multiplied easily once you propagate azaleas. The propagation of azaleas will add more and more shrubs of colorful flowers into … Read more

How to Prune Umbrella Plant ( Schefflera ) – 8 Leaf in 2022

How To Prune An Umbrella Plant

The Umbrella plant, also known as Schefflera, is one of the most famous ornamental plants. It grows beautiful variegated palmate leaves and can be planted indoors and outdoors. Pruning plants is a pleasant and satisfying job, it’s also necessary for proper propagation of your Umbrella plants, and I love that. In this guide, I will … Read more

How to Grow Umbrella Plant & Take Care of it – ( Schefflera )

How to Grow Umbrella Plant

Umbrella plants are trendy ornament plants that are easy to grow and need less maintenance. It enhances the beauty of your room and needs very little time in cutting and pruning. Growing a houseplant indoors requires proper care and favorable conditions. You can grow umbrella plants indoors and outdoors. Growing umbrella plants in the garden … Read more

Monstera Plant Drooping – Why & How to Save it TODAY

Monstera Plant Drooping

Whether planted in a garden in a large bunch or kept in a single plant in a pot kept indoors, monstera plants bring beauty to their surroundings. The large green leaves bring a fresh look to the environment. However, if not maintained properly, this fresh look can be ruined in a matter of days if … Read more

How to Prune Monstera Deliciosa – When & Why – GROWTH

How to Prune Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera, like many other indoor plants, grows wildly during the spring and summer seasons. They get maximum energy to grow new leaves and stems. Pruning in this season can help you control the size and maintain the shape of the plant. But the question is, when and how should we prune the monster plants? I’ve … Read more

Overwatered Cucumber Plant – Effects & How to Save Them?

Overwatered Cucumber Plant

Nothing hurts more than seeing your well-grown cucumber plants dying. The main reason that causes a cucumber plant to die suddenly is overwatering or excessive soil moisture. An overwatered cucumber plant appears droopy and wilted and dies within a few weeks. In this guide, I will be sharing my experience with overwatered cucumber plants and … Read more

Monstera Plant Turning Yellow, Brown, Black – How to Save It

Monstera Plant Turning Yellow

Monstera, due to its beautiful tropical foliage and low maintenance requirements, is one of my most favorite houseplants. However, I’ve noticed that Monstera is highly sensitive to changes in environmental factors. If your Monstera plant is turning yellow, black, or brown, read this guide. It discusses the main reason causing the monstera to turn yellow, … Read more

How and When to Fertilize Monstera Plant? – Grow with Care

Fertilize Monstera Plant

Why does my plant stop growing or die, even when I water and fertilize the plant regularly?  This article will answer your question. It usually happens when you fertilize your plant at the wrong time with an inappropriate fertilizer. Every plant comes with its own feeding and nutritional requirements. How and When to Fertilize Monstera … Read more

How to Trim Mint Plant – Pruning & Care for Healthy Growth

How to Trim Mint Plant

Mint is a vigorously growing, frost-tolerant plant that grows even in the poorest conditions with minimum nutrients and moisture. If you don’t trim mint plants regularly, it tends to take over your entire garden bed, and you won’t be able to plant anything else nearby. Plus, at a certain stage of growth, when it starts … Read more

How to Prune Cucumber Plants – When & Why – GROWTH

How to Prune Cucumber Plants

Nothing can beat the delicious taste of a fresh and ripe cucumber grown and plucked from your own garden. Keeping the plant healthy can be accomplished by providing the right amount of food and light. However, the job does not end here. In addition to giving regular water and feed, there is also pruning the … Read more

Cucumber Plant Dying – Why & How to Save Them Today?

Cucumber Plant Dying

Picking fresh and ripe cucumbers from your own crop is quite a joyful feeling, especially when you have been taking care of the plant for months. However, this joy turns into grief in a matter of seconds when you see the cucumber plant that you have been nurturing for months, drooping and dying. Cucumber Plant … Read more

How to Fertilize Elephant Ears – Grow it Faster & Healthy

How to Fertilize Elephant Ears

The elephant ear is an ornamental plant that belongs to tropical and subtropical regions. It sprouts from a potato-like bulb and has big heart-shaped leaves. You can grow these plants indoors and outdoors. Keep in mind that these plants grow only in favorable conditions like moist soil, filtered sunlight, and adequate nutrients. To ensure maximum … Read more