Overwatered Cucumber Plant – Effects & How to Save Them?

Overwatered Cucumber Plant

Nothing hurts more than seeing your well-grown cucumber plants dying. The main reason that causes a cucumber plant to die suddenly is overwatering or excessive soil moisture. An overwatered cucumber plant appears droopy and wilted and dies within a few weeks. In this guide, I will be sharing my experience with overwatered cucumber plants and … Read more

Monstera Plant Turning Yellow, Brown, Black – How to Save It

Monstera Plant Turning Yellow

Monstera, due to its beautiful tropical foliage and low maintenance requirements, is one of my most favorite houseplants. However, I’ve noticed that Monstera is highly sensitive to changes in environmental factors. If your Monstera plant is turning yellow, black, or brown, read this guide. It discusses the main reason causing the monstera to turn yellow, … Read more

How to Grow Umbrella Plant & Take Care of it – ( Schefflera )

How to Grow Umbrella Plant

Umbrella plants are trendy ornament plants that are easy to grow and need less maintenance. It enhances the beauty of your room and needs very little time in cutting and pruning. Growing a houseplant indoors requires proper care and favorable conditions. You can grow umbrella plants indoors and outdoors. Growing umbrella plants in the garden … Read more