Hibiscus Plant Dying – Reasons & How to Save it Today

Beautiful gardens with different colors of flowers look pretty and attractive. Hibiscus plants are incredibly popular and add beauty to your garden. They bloom beautiful flowers that give the alluring look to the visitor. Well, the hibiscus plant is very sensitive and requires special care. If you take care of this plant properly then you will notice the fresh and big flowers bloom.

If you will not take care of the hibiscus plant as required then it will change color and die. There are several reasons that lead to the death of the hibiscus plant. It is important to know the reasons in order to fix the problem. Well, here are the most common issues that lead to hibiscus plant death and ways of taking care to keep them alive.

How to Save a Dying Hibiscus Plant

The Hibiscus plant blooms beautiful flowers in the winter season. Many people complain about why their hibiscus plant is dying. In this article, you will find the answer to this question. There are many factors that you should keep in mind while you are taking care of the hibiscus plant. Mostly these plants die because of the poor standards of care. Following are the reasons behind the death of the hibiscus plant.

Reasons for Hibiscus Plant Death

1. Improper Water Technique

Improper water technique is the main cause of the death of hibiscus plants. While watering them you should be very careful. You should water them smoothly and set a proper watering schedule in order to prevent over-watering. Before watering the hibiscus plant you should check the soil saturation. When you do not water your plant properly then the soil becomes dry and it leads to the death of the plant. If the soil is dry then water the plant properly in order to prevent root damage.

2. Canker Disease

The other reason for the death of your hibiscus plant is Canker disease. The Canker disease is the major cause for the death of the plant, which you should take into your notice. This is basically a fungal disease, which spreads throughout the plant and damages it. It damages the stem and prevents the blossom of the flower. Due to this disease, the branches die off eventually by damaging the leaves and stem. The best thing to get rid of this disease is to cut the damaged parts of the plant in order to prevent its spread.

3. Root Rot

Root rot is the condition, which swells the roots due to an excess amount of moisture. When the roots of the hibiscus plant are damaged then it slowly damages the whole plant. This condition leads to the rapid death of the plant. The root rot is caused by overwatering of the plant, which swells the plant’s root and prevents the absorption of the nutrients that dries the parts of the plant. To overcome this problem you should use plant fertilizers, which reduce the risk of infection and death of the root.

4. General Care

To overcome all these problems you need to take proper and general care of the hibiscus plant. Most of the people neglect their plant and do not look after it, which leads to several issues and eventually the plant dies. You should check your plant regularly, see if its parts are damaging then remove it to prevent the fungal spread. You should properly prune the plant during flowering to prolong its life. Most people do not prune the stems, which leads to their death.


Will a dead hibiscus come back?

Yes, the hibiscus plant comes back as long as you prune the damaged parts of the plant. The dead parts damage the whole plant so it’s better to remove the deadly parts before it spreads to all parts of the plant.

How do you treat a sick hibiscus?

To treat a sick hibiscus plant you should use different fungicide sprays, which stop the development of the fungus and bacteria. Also, you can spray baking soda and a few drops of vegetable oil to prevent further damage.

What causes a hibiscus to die?

Well, there are many reasons for the death of the hibiscus plant but the most common is the improper watering technique. The improper watering damages the root part and leads to the death of the plant.


Now, you can decorate your garden with the fresh and beautiful flowers of the hibiscus plant by taking proper care of it. The best thing to do to save your plant from dying is to take proper care of it. This article will help you to grow your plant healthier, which will bloom more flowers and enhance your garden look. You know the reasons behind the death of the hibiscus plant so now you can fix those problems and preserve your plant.