How to Grow String of Pearls Plant – [ Seeds & Cutting 2022 ]

Spring always brings blossoms and colors to your lawn. But what if we grow plants that bring beauty the whole year? Yes, it’s entirely possible and easy to select and develop a plant in your lawn that gives you beauty the whole year. Pearls of plants are a solution if you search for plants that survive both hot and cold temperatures. They are best suitable for growth in hanging baskets.

They are the succulents that make them store water in their small, spherical-shaped, complex, and indestructible leaves. It grows downwards towards gravity and is considered best for hanging pots. They make your lawn more attractive when they are spread throughout the surface. It multiplies and is considered a robust and hard plant. They are naturally adaptable to dry and cold weather and can be grown throughout the year.

How to Grow String of Pearls Plant

The string of pearl plants not only enhances the beauty of your lawn but also is very easy to grow. You must be excited to know the procedure. We are here to help you with our personal experience. This article contains a description of how to grow a string of pearls and what are the necessary conditions for it to stay healthy.

Growing String of Pearls Plant Through Seeds

String of Pearls Plant seeds

After a personal practice, I would want to tell you that growing a string of pearls from the seed germination method is not an easy task. It takes time and is not recommended for those who are beginners in this field. You would be sad when you know that you have planted 10 to 15 seeds and there is only one germination. It takes a very long time to germinate. Here is a complete procedure to guide you on how to grow them through seeds.

Make sure to select the seeds from a renowned company or store. I never bought them from a local market. Select the best hanging pot you have on your lawn and fill it halfway with soil. Mix a good quality compost in it and mix thoroughly. Select the compost, which is a cactus mix or specifically made for succulents. Water the compost mix soil. Make it moist and let the water settle.

Make a hole in it using your finger or a stick. Take 8 to 10 seeds and put them in a hole. Cover it with soil and add more water to it. Leave it for a few days to let the germination process begin. Now you have to wait for as long as the seeds germinate. It would be somewhere between 2 weeks to 2 months. If you plant them in spring and summer, they may germinate faster.

Growing String of Pearls Plant Through Cuttings

This is the easiest and fastest method to grow a string of pearl plants. It would not take much time and cover a large portion of the lawn or the hanging pot. For this, you have to select a healthy growing parent plant, from which you will take cuttings.

Make sure the plant you are selecting is healthy and in its best condition. Make proper cuttings with sharp scissors that hold 8 to 10 leaves in each. Leave these cuttings in sunlight to let them dry for a day. Prepare the soil by mixing in a 50-50 ratio of potting soil and cactus mix.

I would highly recommend using the cactus mix as compost. It would make the best nutritious soil for the growth of a string of pearls. Dig holes and put 2 to 3 cuttings in one hole with the cactus mix soil. Make sure to cover the bottom-most part of the cutting with more soil up some inches.

Leave it for a few days, approximately for 5 to 6 days and then spray a large amount of water in it and leave it again in the sunlight for a few more days. Within three weeks, you will notice the growth of roots, and it would take around one month to develop the shoots. You can make an immense number of significant new strings of pearls with these few cuttings.

Best Conditions To Grow String Of Pearls Plant

The string of pearls does not require much sunlight. They need warm temperatures but not direct sunlight is appropriate. If you are growing it indoors, it would need bright light to grow, whereas if you are growing it outdoors, it will grow better in partial sunlight.

Water is always the most important thing that a plant needs to grow. Proper watering is essential for every plant’s health. This string of pearl plants does not need much water. Keep on checking the top layer of the soil. Only water it when it becomes dry. Otherwise, the accumulation of water would result in damage.

The soil used for the growing of string of pearls plants should be well-drained. It should be healthy in nutrients and other necessary minerals. The soil should contain cactus mix in it to make it more fertile for the healthy growth of the plant.


How do you keep a string of pearl plants healthy?

Try to keep the string of pearls in a pot with a proper drainage system. Select a pot with a hole at the bottom. Select perfect soil with a good amount of potting mix to keep this plant healthy. Water the plant occasionally, especially when the top layer of soil dries out.

Does a string of pearls need direct sunlight?

Yes, a string of pearls plants needs sunlight and bright light to grow ideally. It grows better in light but not the direct sunlight. The soil should appropriately be mixed with compost to give the plant the high nutrition necessary for growth.

How do you encourage a string of pearls to grow?

The string of pearl plants grows best in hot temperatures and dry conditions. They need consistently hot temperatures to rise. In winters, they need dry conditions for better growth. Do not give extra water to the plant as it will stop blooming.


The string of pearls is a beautiful plant that enhances the overall look of your lawn. It’s not a tricky plant to grow; instead, it’s an easy hanging plant that can multiply its size with little care. You can make it grow throughout the year, but it produces tiny white flowers only for one long month in the spring season. It doesn’t require much water to develop and can tolerate dryness for long. This is an attractive plant that adds beauty to your garden.