How to Grow Azaleas & Take Care of It [ Pot | Indoor ] – 2022

Whether you own a house with a large garden or an apartment with a small balcony, there is one thing mutual in both scenarios and, i.e., adding flowers to brighten up the space. Adding pots of colorful flowers such as azaleas into your house and garden is a good way to beautify the space without going through any extra lengths.

However, growing azaleas, especially for someone who has no gardening expertise, can be challenging. Take it from someone who went through the same struggle; there are a few things that you need to know in advance to have healthy azaleas in your house. This article has summed up all the answers to your problems regarding growing azaleas.

How to Grow Azaleas with Care

The first thing to keep in mind while growing azaleas is that they need sunlight and acidic soil to grow and rise to their beautiful state. After you have picked a spot for planting your azaleas, dig a wider hole in the ground. It only needs to be 2 inches deep. It is better that you put more space between each plant as azaleas’ bushes grow rapidly.

Put the plant in the soil; the top of the plant’s roots should be on the same level as the soil line. Once you have put the plant in soil, fill in the hole with a mixture of soil and fertilizer. You can also add a layer of compost before adding the plant to the soil. Once it is firmly planted in the ground, water it regularly. You can make a layer of mulch and add it around the plant so that the soil does not get dry.

Indoors Or Outdoors?

Azaleas can be planted both indoors in pots and outdoors in the garden. Wherever they are planted, they bring beauty to their surroundings due to their vibrant colors. The only thing to keep in mind while planting azaleas is that you choose acidic soil, as they cannot survive in alkaline soil. In addition to that, make sure the spot gets indirect sunlight.

Do They Grow In Pot?

Azaleas can be planted both in the ground and in pots. The only difference is that you can add many bushes together when planted in the ground, and they will grow to their maximum size. However, in pots, you can only add a single plant in a pot so that it does not get overcrowded. Make sure you keep the pot safe from pests and put it in a place where it gets sun exposure.

Where To Grow?

You can plant your azaleas both indoors and outdoors. However, there are a few things to keep in mind while planting azaleas. Azaleas are delicate flowers, so make sure you do not plant them in a location that gets strong wind as that will only result in damaged plants. Another thing to remember is that azaleas need filtered sunlight, direct sunlight during the day can damage and burn the beautiful and delicate petals of azalea.

When To Grow?

Similar to other species of the plant kingdom, azaleas go dormant in the winter season. Therefore the ideal time to plant azaleas in your garden is between spring and fall. This gives the plant sufficient time to grow before frost spreads its wings and the plant goes dormant.


The first condition of planting azaleas is making sure the ground is acidic and well-drained. The spot gets sunlight, especially the early morning sunlight. Sun exposure during the day can damage the plants. Make sure you plant them at a distance from each other, as when they grow, the bushes will get entangled with each other, wrecking the garden’s beauty. Do not plant azaleas deep into the soil; they are shallow-rooted plants.


What worked best for my azalea plants was that I put them in the sunlight during the early morning hours and then moved the pot to a shaded location during the day. This way, the plant gets sun exposure without getting damaged. Another thing is to water the plant heavily 2 to 3 times per week for the 2 months after plantation. When the plant starts growing, you can reduce the amount of watering to once a week.


Normally azaleas do not require a thorough pruning session. However, if you have planted them close to each other or any other plant, the bushes may need to be trimmed every once in a while. It is better only to trim the parts that are extending out of the way or into other plants.


Choosing the right type of soil is highly essential as every plant needs a different type of soil to thrive. Azaleas need acidic soil that has a pH of 4.5 to 6.0. Any ground that is more leaned towards alkaline soil will not nurture azaleas. In addition to that, azaleas need soil temperature between 55 to 60°F to bloom. Moreover, the last thing to check is that the soil should have proper water drainage.


Normally, azaleas are grown from young plants bought from the nursery. However, they can also be grown in the garden by planting seeds. The only catch in planting azaleas through seeds is that they take a lot of time to grow and sprout flowers. Sometimes, it takes up to 3-4 years for a seed to grow into a plant.



Where do azaleas grow best?

Azalea flowers grow best in both ground and pots. However, make sure the spot chosen for planting azalea gets filtered sunlight during the day. The soil should have a temperature range of 55 to 60°F, and most importantly, it should be acidic for the azalea plant to grow.

How do you make azaleas grow faster?

The best way to make azaleas grow faster is to provide them with sufficient amounts of indirect sun exposure and give them the required amount of water. Moreover, you can feed fertilizer every now and then to further speed up their growth.


From their small sizes to a wide variety of colors, azaleas are the perfect flowers to grow in the garden of your house. Also, to make sure they grow in the best way possible, keep your pets away from azalea. They bring beauty wherever they are planted. This article lists a solution to every hurdle you might face while growing azaleas at home. I hope you find it helpful.