How to Grow Hibiscus Plant – [ Faster & Healthy in 2022 ]

Do you love gardening and have a beautiful garden in your home? If yes, then you must know about hibiscus plants that produce large and blooming bell-shaped flowers. Because without these stunning flowers, your lawn is incomplete. This is the most attractive flower for your indoor garden to catch butterflies and birds in your lawn. They can quickly grow up to 10 feet in size. Many different species exist in various colours and sizes. Choose your favourite colour and plant it in your garden to make it more colourful and vibrant.

How to Grow Hibiscus Plant

This article is all about how to grow beautiful hibiscus plants in your garden to make them more attractive and blossoming.

Selection of Hibiscus Plant

Hibiscus varies in species, shades and measurements. The most important thing to keep in mind before planting and growing hibiscus in your garden is ensuring what environment you can provide to the plant. As two basic types of hibiscus exist but you only have to choose the one which is suitable for your environment. There exist hardy hibiscus plants and tropical hibiscus plants.

Tropical hibiscus needs warm weather with a temperature above 50°F. Peach pink and purple are tropical hibiscus colours. This type gives more flowering when compared to the other one.

Hardy hibiscus has grown in cold temperatures, including freezing temperatures. There is less flowering in it, and it has red, white and pink shades. They are bushier than the tropical hibiscus.

Select according to the environment and temperature of your area to make sure the hibiscus you are growing is made for your climatic zone.

Selection of Method

There exist three different methods of growing hibiscus. Each of them is different and has its characteristics and benefits. I have practised all three of them on my lawn and got successful only by the seedling method. I am generally explaining the other two ways in forehand and would explain in detail the seedling method later on. So after reading the whole article, you would select the one which suits you the most.

Growing Hibiscus from Transplantation

This is the easiest method and doesn’t take much time, but if you are a gardening lover, you must not choose this method as it is not interesting. You go to the nursery and buy the already grown young plants of hibiscus. Bring them home, select the suitable and most appropriate place for their plantation. Dig a hole in the soil and transfer the plants from the nursery pots to your garden’s soil. Keep it wet and leave. Ensure care and affection for your plants. With proper attention, your plant will produce multiple flowers in a short time period.

Growing Hibiscus from Cuttings

This is a problematic method to grow hibiscus plants because it requires efficient skills to act. Cuttings are made in a perfectly professional way and are shifted to other selected parts of the garden where you have planned to grow Hibiscus. They need special attention and perfect specific temperatures in the surrounding, pH of the soil and accurate sunlight to grow. These particular features are not easily provided in your home garden, so most probably, this method fails. I would not suggest you grow hibiscus with a cutting method.

Growing Hibiscus from Seeds

This is the best and most recommended method of growing hibiscus. It takes all of your interest and makes you feel joyful and mental peace when you work in your garden and wait for the growth of your favourite plants.

Choose the best quality seeds for the growth of the hibiscus plants. Dig holes with a shovel in your garden where you have selected to grow hibiscus. Make holes almost as deep as you want your roots to go. Dig holes at a distance of 3 feet from each other. Keep in mind that if you are growing tropical hibiscus, you have to dig a hole closer to the ground and not very deep, but if you are planting hardy hibiscus, you have to dig holes much deeper.

Plant two seeds in one hole and cover the seeds with soil. Water it and make it moist enough so that the soil around the seed remains soft. Provide this hibiscus with substantial, heavy watering as they love water. Wait and count the days until your hibiscus seed germinates and grows.

When to Plant Hibiscus

The best time to plant hibiscus is at the end of winter. Ensure to plant the seeds when the atmosphere’s temperature where you are planting the hibiscus remains somewhere between 16 to 21 degrees celsius. This is the most suitable and appropriate temperature for the hibiscus to grow.

How to Take Care of Your Hibiscus Plant

Planting seeds and taking care of them feels like you are taking care of your child. They need attention, care, love and affection to grow. Ensure proper care to make them thrive.


Hibiscus needs a good amount of sunlight for healthy growth. They are fond of sunlight and require 4 to 6 hours of direct sunlight. Make sure to provide them with proper sunlight.


Water is a huge need of hibiscus. It needs thorough watering regularly. Proper watering helps the plant to grow quickly and productively. Ensure to keep the soil wet all the time to avoid wilting.

Control pests

Use organic insecticides for the removal of any pests and harmful insects. This causes the plant to fight for the necessary nutrients and vitamins. To avoid this competition, select organic insecticides and pesticides to spray and remove unnecessary insects and bugs.

Manage pH

The most appropriate pH of the soil for the best growth of your favourite hibiscus plant is 6.5 or more than that. They like an acidic environment in their soil. Provide your hibiscus plant with proper rich fertilisers and nutrients to help it grow ideally.


The most suitable location for the hibiscus to grow is where sunlight reaches some time of the day, not the whole day. Choose the area which is not bushy with other plants. It should have space for hibiscus growth as the hibiscus grows twice or thrice its original size and can reach up to 7 to 10 feet in 2,3 years.


When should you plant hibiscus?

Tropical hibiscus needs warm temperatures, and hardy hibiscus needs cold temperatures. You can select according to your hibiscus plant. Tropical hibiscus can be planted at the end of winters, and hardy hibiscus can be grown at the end of summer.

How long does hibiscus live?

It depends on the species of the plant. Hibiscus can generally live up to 40 years. It doesn’t die entirely if the temperature is unsuitable but regrows again when its temperature comes back.

What is the best pH for the soil of a hibiscus plant?

Hibiscus loves acidic pH. So you can select any pH from 6.5 onwards. This would be favorable for the growth of the plant. If you have soil with basic pH, you can add acidic compost to make it more acidic.


Carefully understand all the descriptions mentioned above and make sure to keep hibiscus away from your pets. This article contains all the vital information you should know before planting a hibiscus plant in your garden. The most suitable time of the year, sunlight, watering, best-suited pH and other necessary information is mentioned to ensure your plant with all the knowledge and get the best outcomes of your favorite hibiscus plant planting.