How to Grow Yucca Plant – [ Cutting, Seed, Indoor, Outdoor ]

Love yucca plants, and want to grow these spiky babies in your garden? Well in that case keep on reading this article, because, below, we are going to be showing you all the ways you can successfully grow Yucca plants indoors as well as outdoors. We are also going to be showing you how to properly care for these plants so that they are able to flourish and grow their best.

How to Grow Yucca Plant

Yucca Plant Propagation

If you want to grow a Yucca plant then you are in luck. This is because they are one of the easiest plants to propagate. You can grow them from seeds, stem cuttings, and root cuttings. Furthermore, they are also quite low-maintenance as they are drought-resistant and can thrive in almost any type of high-draining soil. Because of this, they are an ideal house plant for those who are beginners at gardening.

Seed Propagation

The first method to grow a Yucca plant at home is through seeds. This is a relatively slow process and can take from a few months to a full year. The best way to grow this plant through seeds is indoors as the temperature and other growing conditions are controlled. Furthermore, if you are going to be planting the seeds indoors then you can do it in any season. Although we recommend that you do so in winters. This is because by the time the seeds would have germinated it would be summer. And so the Yucca would be able to have the ideal growing conditions.

seed yucca plant

To grow Yucca plants from seeds, first, you need the seeds to germinate before you can place them in any kind of soil. For this, take a plastic container that has a lid and line it with moist paper towels. Then place the seeds on top of the paper towels and seal the container with its lid. You need to keep this container in a warm area. If the paper towels seem to be drying out then spray them with water to keep them nicely damp.

Once you see tiny green shoots sprouting out from the seeds, it is time to place them in the soil. Although we should warn you that the seeds can sometimes take months to germinate. Because of this, you should not worry if your seeds haven’t germinated for a few months. After germination, you need to place each of the seeds in small pots containing soil. Make sure that the pot has a hole at the bottom and the soil has adequate more than 40% sand composition. All of this will ensure that there is high drainage.

Now, water the seedlings and place them in a warm area with ample indirect sunlight. If you have a south-facing window then you can place the pots there. You will also need to water them. Although we recommend that you do it occasionally, and only when the soil seems dry. As the plants grow bigger, you would need to transfer them to larger pots. And in around two years of time, you can plant them outdoors. However, you can keep them indoors if you wish, just make sure it is getting enough sunlight

Cutting Propagation

If you are able to get your hands on a few stems or root cuttings of this plant then you can grow it in your house through cutting propagation. This process is relatively faster as it does not involve waiting for the seeds to germinate. If you have to get the cuttings from the plant yourself, you can either use the stem itself for the cutting or any offsets. With our experience, adult yucca plants usually grow offsets around their bases. And so the offsets with dark stems make ideal cuttings for propagation.

cutting yucca plant

Using a sharp knife, cut off one of the offsets and remove the leaves from the base of the cutting. Once that is done, you need to dry the cuttings out a little. For this, place them in a cool and dark place for a few days. After this, they are ready to be planted in soil. Place the cuttings in a pot with some potting soil. Make sure that the soil has high drainage and that the pot has holes in the bottom. This is so that it does not retain a lot of moisture which can lead to root rot.

We recommend that you let the plant grow indoors so that as the roots form, it is protected from the harsh outside conditions. But you have to make sure that the plant is getting enough indirect sunlight. In around two months, the Yucca would have grown enough for you to transfer it outdoors. And so if you want to plant it in your garden then now is the perfect time to do so. But if you want to keep it indoors then you can just transfer it into a bigger pot and place it somewhere with plenty of sunshine.

Caring for Your Yucca

While Yucca plants are quite low-maintenance, here are a few ways through which you can ensure that they have optimal growing conditions. The first is adequate watering. Yucca plants do not require frequent watering as they are drought-resistant plants. And so, if you over-water them then they can develop root rot. This is why we recommend that you should water it occasionally, yet deeply. Only water the plant when the soil seems dry and do it generously.

Another factor to consider when it comes to the maintenance of Yucca plants, especially the indoor ones, is sunlight. This plant requires a lot of sunlight and warmth to grow well. Because of this, if your plant is an adult one, make sure that it is placed somewhere with lots of sunlight. Also, make sure that if the plant is placed indoors, it is at a warm spot. Sunlight will also help dry out any excess moisture from the soil and prevent root rot.

And while talking about soil, it is important that the type that you plant your Yucca in has high drainage. This again goes back to how excess water is not good for this plant. And so if the soil retains a lot of moisture for an extended period then it can damage the plant. This is why you need to make sure that the soil has around 50% of sand for optimal drainage.

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Can yuccas grow in pots?

Yes, Yuccas can grow easily in pots. All you need to do is make sure that the size of the pot is adequate for the Yucca. You also need to make sure that the pot has drainage holes and the soil inside is grainy with high drainage. Furthermore, it is also important that your Yucca is placed somewhere with plenty of sunlight.

How often do you water a yucca plant?

You only need to water your yucca plant after every ten days or so. Apart from that, you need to make sure that you are only watering your Yucca when the soil is dry. This is because this plant retains water quite well. And so, over-watering can result in it developing root rot. This can hinder the growth of the plant, and even cause it to die.

Wrapping Up

Yucca, with its cool spiky leaves and beautiful white flowers, looks lovely both indoors and outdoors. That combined with the low maintenance that this plant requires, makes it an ideal house plant. And so if you also want this plant to spice the decor of your house, this article above shows you all the ways you can grow your own Yucca plants.