How to Propagate Monstera Plants (Swiss Cheese) – in 2022

Having a monstera plant in your kitchen and on your balcony is a great way to liven up the room. However, a monstera plant grows rapidly, so you may need to propagate it after a while. Propagating a monstera plant sounds like an intimidating job; however, it is pretty easy.

How to Propagate Monstera / Swiss Cheese Plants

From my experience, if you do it with care and precision, you can propagate your plant perfectly and will witness growth in a few weeks. I have shared a few tips and tricks in this article that helped me easily propagate and provide extra care to my monstera plant.

Methods of Propagating Monstera Plants

There are three methods of propagating monstera plants. The first is through seeds, the second is through stem cuttings, and the third is air layering. Monstera planted through each method of propagation has a separate time-span of growth and requires extra care.

Seed Propagation

Seeds propagation can be done easily, even if you are not a gardener. All you need to do is take a few seeds and plant them in the soil. Regular watering and proper fertilization help the seedlings in growing quickly. The only setback with seeds is that they come with a short shelf life, so once you buy them from the market, they need to go into the soil as soon as possible. In addition to that, the monstera plant propagated by seeds may take up to a year to become a full plant.

Stem Cutting

Meanwhile, the second method of propagating monstera, i.e., through stem cutting, is much more common. People lean more towards this method because it is easier, and you do not have to wait for months to watch your plant grow. Monstera plant propagated through stem cuttings is first kept in water, in a vase or jar. Once the plant starts growing roots, it is transferred to soil. The plant should be cut in a way that the stem has a few leaves and a node. The node area is quite important as new roots will emerge from this area.

Air Layering

In the third method, i.e., air layering, slightly damp moss is wrapped around the area of the stem where an aerial root is. A thread is tied around it, and this area is wrapped with a plastic bag with small holes so that the air can pass through. The plant starts growing new roots within a few months.

When to Propagate your Monstera Plant?

When your monstera plant is growing many leaves on the same stem, causing the entire stem to droop due to the weight, you know it is time for propagation. The propagation of a monstera plant is not as scary as it sounds. From my experience, you can get the job done in a matter of minutes.

The ideal time for propagating a monstera plant is in the spring to the early summer season. This season is considered ideal as the plant is in full growth at that time. Cutting off a few stems during that duration will give the baby stems enough time to grow out their roots before winter spreads its wings.


If you want to witness the healthy growth of your monstera plant, it is necessary that you water it regularly if it is in the soil. If the plant is in a jar or vase, then the water from the jar needs to be changed after every 3 to 5 days. In addition to that, you need to place the pot in a spot where it gets indirect sunlight. Direct exposure to the sun can hinder the growth of the plant.


When you propagate your monstera plant through stem cutting, it is then placed into a water jar or vase until it grows roots. Normally, it takes between 3 to 5 weeks for a plant to grow roots. After you spot new roots on your propagated plant, it needs to be transplanted to soil. In air layering, clip that stem off and transfer it to the soil once you spot new roots. Transplanting to soil is necessary if you want your plant to grow to a full-size tree.


The first most important condition of successful propagation of monstera plants is making sure they are getting enough water. Both overwatering and under watering can damage the plant, so make a consistent watering schedule. The second important condition is that the plant should be placed in a spot where it gets a sufficient amount of indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight, especially during the day, can damage the plant.

Ways Of Propagation

The three most commonly used ways of propagating a monster plant are through seeds, stem cuttings, and air layering. Among all of these three methods, the one that is most commonly used is stem cutting. This method is famous as it is quite hassle-free.

Seasons For Propagation

Like every other part of propagation, selecting the right time and season is highly important for healthy growth. The time between spring and early summer is the ideal season for the propagation of monstera. As monstera is a plant of humid weather, it grows rapidly in this season. In winters, the growth of the monstera plant either slows down or completely stops, just like every other plant.


Where can I cut monstera for propagation?

The best place to cut off the stem of your monstera plant for propagation is a few inches beneath the node on the stem. Make sure the cutting you make for propagation has a node, as this part will grow new roots. Along with the node, ensure that there are a few leaves.

How long does it take to propagate Monstera?

Once you have added the stem cutting of the monstera plant in water, you need to take extra care of it. If you take all the measures, change the water after every 3 to 5 days, then your monstera plant will start growing new roots in 2 to 3 weeks.


Propagation of the monstera plant is essential because this plant grows and spreads its roots in all directions. When the entire plant is growing altogether and getting nutrients through the same roots, it may cause drooping in the leaves and hinder the growth of the plant. I hope the tips shared in this article helped you propagate your monster plant successfully.