How to Propagate Umbrella Plant ( Schefflera ) – Cutting 2022

The Umbrella plant is known as a common house plant that you can grow indoors quickly. It needs very little light and energy to grow. To get a new umbrella plant for your house, you can always propagate it. There are two basic ways to propagate an umbrella plant. The first method is stem cutting, and the other is air layering.

How to Propagate Umbrella/Schefflera Plant

Propagation of the umbrella plant is an essential method to grow exact copies of the plant. In this season, I have grown an umbrella plant and propagated it both ways. I found the stem cutting method more successful than air layering, but I will tell you about my experience with both propagation methods in this review.

Methods To Propagate An Umbrella Plant

Before propagating an umbrella plant, make sure the actual plant is pest or disease-free. The existing plant needs to be in good health for successful propagation. You can use two ways to propagate an umbrella plant that includes Stem cutting and Air layering that are discussed in detail below. Both the methods are helpful and require some time to grow in a new umbrella plant.

Stem Cutting

Growing an umbrella plant through a stem cutting method is not easy and quick. It requires time and diligent attention for successful propagation. While transplanting an umbrella plant, the stem must consist of a growth node that will help develop an umbrella plant. Prepare a soil mix with the help of your hands. Damp the soil thoroughly, so no spot is left dry. You can use a standard houseplant potting mix with a good amount of fertilizer for healthy soil.

For stem cutting, you can use a sharp tool like a propagation knife. Cut the stem cleanly and use isopropyl alcohol to sterilize the tool to protect the spread of pathogens from one part of the plant to the other. Use the propagation knife to cut a 4 to 6 inches stem at the tip and remove the bottom leaves. Make sure to leave one set of leaves for propagation. Prune the leaves of Umbrella Plant just above the leaf node.

Make a hole in the soil and place the end of the stem in the mix. Moist the soil around the stem. You can use liquid fertilizers or hormones for the rapid growth of the umbrella plant. Water the soil and make sure you do not overwater the ground because the soggy soil can damage the development of an umbrella plant. Place the plant in an area that can get indirect light. The stem should not get direct sunlight because it can damage the plant’s growth.

When the light is minimal, transpiration becomes slow, which will help to propagate a healthy umbrella plant. After a month, you will notice the roots getting out of the stem. Now you can place this stem in the pot. Do not use too big or too small pots for plant transplanting. Your umbrella house plant is ready to be placed indoors.

Air Layering

Air layering is another effective method if you are having trouble with stem cutting. For Air layering, you have to locate a spot on the umbrella stem. The area should be between the leaves. Cut the outer layer of the plant in a ring that would be one inch wide in length. Use sphagnum moss to cover the area adequately to make a lump.

Use wrapping paper to wrap the moss completely. The wound must be covered entirely with the tapes. Make sure the wound is air-tight so the roots can grow. This process will take a minimum of one or two months for roots to grow. You will see the growth of roots inside the plastic wrap. For transplanting a new plant, you will have to cut a stem below the moss wrapping and put it in the container or a pot for the further growth of an umbrella plant.

When To propagate An Umbrella Plant

For a healthy and effective propagation, you have to wait for the spring season or early summers. The Spring season is known as the growing season. The new plant establishes itself in the warm season, and the root’s growth is healthier and faster. The recovery time for the parent plant is also fast in this season. For indoor plants, the timing is not crucial because houseplants like an umbrella plant can be grown the whole year, but the growth process will be slow and time-consuming.


Can you propagate an umbrella plant?

Yes, you can propagate an umbrella plant. Propagation is done by two methods that include stem cutting and Air layering. The most efficient method is stem cutting, but you can use Air layering if you face difficulty in this method. Propagation of umbrella plants is easy but time-consuming and needs diligent attention.

Can you grow an umbrella plant from stem cutting?

Yes, you can grow umbrella plants from stem cutting. In this method, you have to cut a stem of about 4 to 6 inches and put it in moist soil. Water the branch and wait for one month. The roots will appear on the stem, and then you can transplant it in the pot for further development. You can use a potting mix and organic fertilizer to propagate an umbrella plant successfully.

When to propagate an umbrella plant?

For indoor umbrella plants, the season or timing of propagation does not matter, but it is difficult to beat the conditions of mother nature. Therefore it is better to grow an umbrella plant during the early summers or spring season. The roots of an umbrella plant take time to establish themselves in the warm season, and the parent plant also takes time to regain its health after cutting.


Propagation of a plant is an important way to get the exact copies of a plant. The Umbrella plant is an ornamental plant that people place in their houses to enhance the foliage. Usually, it is easier to grow an umbrella plant because it needs very little light to develop in a plant. Propagation of an umbrella plant is a time-consuming method and needs proper attention and time. Here is an easy and effective way that you can use to propagate an umbrella plant.