How to Propagate Yucca Plant – [ Seeds & Cutting in 2022 ]

Propagation is the spreading of a plant to a large area. It could be either in your garden or as an indoor plant in pots. Many people like Yucca as it does not require much effort to grow. It is a beautiful vertical plant that can be placed indoors or outdoors. The plant doesn’t need much attention for growth. It has a high level of tolerance for water, sunlight, and temperature.

The plant is not very sensitive to environmental changes and can quickly be grown anywhere. You need to learn the correct procedure and environmental conditions to help your plant in healthy growth. There are two different methods for the propagation of yucca plants that are common and easily applicable. Learn about both of them so that you will follow the one which is easy for you.

Yucca Plant Propagation

It is an easy method and not very tough to understand. Propagation with seeds and cuttings, both approaches are explained in the following article to help you know both of them.

  1. Propagation with seeds
  2. Propagation with cuttings

Propagation using seeds includes seed germination at the first stage and then the growth of the plant. In comparison, propagation with cuttings consists of the cuttings from another plant and then the growing of Yucca.

Propagation with seeds

  1. Take a moist paper towel and plastic container.
  2. Add some water about 6 mm in the container.
  3. Put the paper towel in the water.
  4. Place 8 to 10 seeds with a distance of 1 inch between the top of the paper towel.
  5. Keep the container in between the temperature of 18°C to 24°C.
  6. Add water at equal intervals, once in 2 to 3 days.
  7. It may take from a few weeks to a year for sprouting.
  8. After sprouting, take other pots and add soil and compost with an equal ratio.
  9. Take one sprouted seed and put it in the container with the grown part upward and the other end half inches deep into the soil.
  10. Put more soil on it, cover it, and sprinkle water.
  11. Put it in proper sunlight and water when you notice the top layer of soil is drying. It will take a week to get the plant out of the ground.
  12. Keep the plant inside until it reaches three years of age. Then you can shift it to a larger pot or in the garden outdoors if you want.

Propagation With Cuttings

  1. Take a plant of at least 5 to 6 years old.
  2. Check for the Yucca plant that has offshoots near the soil surface.
  3. Make cuttings from this part with clean gardening tools. The length of the cutting should be 4 to 5 inches in length.
  4. Cut the lowermost leaves off the stem and leave the branch with only a few top leaves.
  5. With this, cuttings of the lowermost leaves help in surviving the transplant more easily.
  6. Keep these cuttings for 5 to 7 days in a warm shaded area to dry them completely.
  7. Select the pot where you will plant these cuttings. It should have a drainage hole in it.
  8. Make soil for your Yucca plant to initiate growth. Take half seed starting mix and half part soil.
  9. You can use a cactus mix or specific soil of Yucca mix.
  10. Put the soil in a pot and put one cutting straight into it. Move it 3 to 4 inches deep. Push it until the stem stands straight and tightens in the soil.
  11. Do not put in direct sunlight but keep your plant in indirect sunlight or near the window until the roots and leaves grow.
  12. It will take 6 to 7 weeks to grow the roots of the plant. After the growth of roots, you can transfer the plant in the outdoor garden to a larger pot.

Tips To Grow Yucca Plant

  • Start the process of germination in winters or very early in spring. Never wait for summer.
  • Try not to plant the seeds directly in the soil. It will destroy the embryo, or significantly less germination will occur.
  • Keep in mind the plant may take up to a year to germinate or may never germinate.
  • Keep the plant in hot environmental conditions as this plant is a hot weather plant.
  • Do not overwater your plant. These plants can even survive drought conditions. It will damage the roots, and the plant may die.
  • Keep an eye on pests and other harmful insects. If you see any, wash your plant with water and sprinkle insecticide on it.
  • Give fertilizer very rarely to your plant. Over fertilizing damages the plant.
  • Provide indirect sunlight to young plants whereas provide direct 7 to 8 hours of daylight to bigger adult plants.

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How long do Yucca plants live?

Yucca plants live much longer than other plants. They are drought tolerant and can survive fewer water conditions. They grow better in more sunlight. Because of these characteristics, these plants live for many years. Indoor plants have an average of 5 years of age, and Yucca trees live much more than that.

How long do Yucca plants take to develop roots of cuttings?

It will take about 4 to 6 weeks to develop roots from the cuttings. If you want the plant to grow roots earlier, dip the edge in the rooting hormone at first. In this way, the plant will grow more quickly. You need to plant the cutting in perfectly made specific soil so that Yucca will grow better and earlier.

How often should you water Yucca cuttings?

There is no need to water the yucca plant. Soon after the plantation of cutting, you need to saturate thoroughly the plant whereas afterward, you need to water every 3 to 4 days in summers and once in a week in winters. Check for the top layer of soil; when it dries out, water the plant; otherwise, do not.


Propagating the Yucca plant is not a challenging activity. You only need to learn the correct procedures and the Dos and don’ts of the plant. This article describes the spreading of a Yucca plant in your garden or indoors. Read the details given to learn everything before planting. Before starting the procedure, try to understand everything mentioned above so that your Yucca plant will grow healthy and better.