How to Prune Basil Plant – [ Grow Healthy in 2022 ]

Pruning involves cutting off the various parts of a plant to make it grow more healthily and nutritiously. It is the trimming of some parts of a plant that results in considerable growth from that particular part of that plant. Pruning is done according to the need and necessities. A good season is needed for getting excellent results of trimming.

It includes different ways of cutting and shaping your favorite basil plant to make it look more rich and attractive in the ground or in the pot where you are growing. Different strategies are used for cutting the plant, but you have to be confident and highly attentive to have a fruitful experience of pruning. Read the following details carefully to learn all the mandatory information regarding the pruning of the Basil plant.

How to Prune Basil Plant

Trimming of the plant is an essential step in the development of healthy and better basil leaves. Opt for the best method for the best results.

Right Time of Pruning

There is no exact timing for pruning the basil plant. Let your plant grow to at least 6 to 7 inches before pruning it for the first time. And after this first trimming of the plant, make sure to cut off and trim the unnecessary parts and few leaves of basil every three weeks. This will result in numerous leaves growth and a healthy overall structure.

Start trimming before the peak of the season. Early summer is the best time to make your herb bushier. Make sure you are pruning onto the new and fresh basil plants. This will make the base thicker and stronger for the entire plant.

How to Prune Perfectly

Pruning and cutting off some areas of the plant is not a critical action to perform. It just requires the best of your knowledge of the correct part and place to cut the plant. Before starting the procedure, make sure you have plain sharp scissors to cut the basil accurately. Keep in mind not to cut the plant from the bottom-most past where the roots are near. Cut it off the top or middle part.

The basil plants mainly grow from the central stem. It will produce two bigger leaves at the start and will increase onwards. Look for those larger leaves and then find the next pair of leaves above them. They are always above the larger leaves. These are tiny leaves similar to newborns.

Hold your scissor and cut the stem one inch above those tiny baby leaves. In this way, your basil stem is usually left with four leaves. Make similar cuttings to every branch, and then you will find your thicker and bushier Basil plant within 3 to 4 weeks.

After every four weeks, look for the multiple branches at the bottom where you have cut earlier. Once you find them, cut again but this time, make a cut from the more above leaves and use these Basil as you want. After every cut, they will grow more healthily.

Why is Pruning Necessary?

Pruning is of great importance when done perfectly. There are numerous reasons for trimming off the plants. Make sure you are aware of your plant health and growth.

Healthier Basil Plant

The fundamental reason for pruning the basil plants is to make them more healthy. When you cut the unnecessary parts of the plant that have become yellow or tilted, your basil would naturally grow more healthily. Trimming helps in cutting off the dead or dying leaves of Basil so that all the nutrition of the soil goes to the healthy leaves.

Bushier Growth

With proper pruning, you will grow multiple branches of the basil plant, providing more harvesting. In this way, you would be able to have a bushy Basil plant for your kitchen. Make sure you are correctly trimming it and not cutting off the roots. The proper pruning will make your herb look bushier and healthier.

Precautions to Be Taken Before Pruning

  • Make sure to use proper tools so that the cut made is perfect and fine.
  • If possible, ensure the cleanliness of the area, tools, and hands before pruning to avoid making basil infections.
  • Wear proper gloves and cover your feet to protect yourself from any infections.
  • Keep in mind not to cut the Basil plant near the root or too close to the surface. This would decline the growth.
  • Never hold the plant too tightly or harshly as it is a small herb with no firm stems.
  • Never allow the flowers to grow on the basil plant as they will take all the nutrition and taste of the Basil.


Can you cut Basil all the way back?

Yes, you can cut the basil throughout the stem but make sure to not cut too near the surface. This would either minimize the growth or stop it. This implies if you want to regrow the herb, but in case you do not want to regrow it, you can also cut the roots.

Where is the exact point on the stem to cut Basil?

You can cut the Basil plant from two to three inches above the ground. Make sure to ignore two sets of leaves starting from the bottom. In this way, you will cut just above the second set of leaves. This will promote growth and make your herb healthier and bushier.

How long will it take the Basil plant to regrow?

After pruning for the first time, the plant will only take three to four weeks to regrow again. In this way, you can quickly regrow and cut the basil plant again. This will maximize the growth of the plant and give you lots of nutritious herbs to enjoy.


Pruning is of high importance when you are looking to maximizing the growth of the Basil plant. Trimming of the plant, when done in the right way, enhances the growth and produces multiple branches on which numerous leaves grow. You can munch on them by putting them in pizzas, salads, and other Italian dishes. Keep in mind to cut the flowers as soon as they are formed so that the leaves will stay healthy, nutritious, and tasty throughout their growth.