How to Prune Umbrella Plant ( Schefflera ) – 8 Leaf in 2022

The Umbrella plant, also known as Schefflera, is one of the most famous ornamental plants. It grows beautiful variegated palmate leaves and can be planted indoors and outdoors. Pruning plants is a pleasant and satisfying job, it’s also necessary for proper propagation of your Umbrella plants, and I love that. In this guide, I will explain why it is important to prune an umbrella plant and how as well as when it should be done.

How to Prune An Umbrella Plant?

For indoor potted umbrella plants, it is critical to maintain their nutritional requirements, shape, and size. Pruning umbrella plants is important to maintain their health, size, and aesthetics. Also, if you want to make your plant bushy and make it flourish, it is important to cut back the old leggy stems and dead parts from time to time.

What Is The Best Time To Prune an Umbrella Plant?

You can prune indoor umbrella plants at any time of the year to maintain their size and shape. Since indoor plants don’t go dormant in the winters, it is ideal for pruning them from time to time throughout the year. Outdoor umbrella plants can grow as big as 40 feet, but they generally attain a maximum height of around 30 feet. The ideal time to prune outdoor umbrella plants is in the late winter.

It is recommended to do heavy pruning when the plant is dormant. It will help the plant grow with fresh and thick foliage in the growing spring season. Additionally, it is important to cut or prune the affected leaves, stems, and branches of the umbrella plant.

The problem areas on the umbrella plant develop due to unfavorable conditions, pest invasion, or any other plant disease. Therefore it is important to prune or cut down the problem area before it spreads on the other parts of trees.

How To Prune an Umbrella Plant?

  • The tools you will need to prune the umbrella plant depend upon the size of the plants. I prefer pruning with sharp and handheld pruners and scissors for small plants. You can also use a sharp knife, shear, or lopers.
  • If your umbrella tree is taller than 20 feet, I recommend you get a pole pruner.
  • In order to control the height and encourage fresh growth of indoor umbrella plants, cut down the plant’s stem just above the node. Node is a point from which new growth comes out.
  • For this type of cutting, use a sharp shear or scissor to avoid damage to the plant tissues.
  • To maintain the shape of the plants or control their width, trim the horizontal branches of the plant. Make sure you trim in equal size from all sides.
  • Use a pole pruner to do the heavy pruning of outdoor umbrella trees in the late winters. Cut down the stems to around 6-7 inches, leaving the bare bottom plant behind. This will encourage well-organized fresh growth in spring.
  • Regularly look for the problem areas on trees and plants and immediately cut that branch or part of the plant.

How To Trim an Overgrown Umbrella Plant?

If you don’t prune or trim the umbrella plants regularly, it becomes wildly overgrown. However, you can fix the shape and size of the umbrella plant by pruning its branches. The best time for heavy pruning is late winters when the plant is dormant. Trim the side branches down to the main stem. Remove all the old leggy stems and the dead branches of the plants to enhance the health of the plants.


  • While pruning the stems of the umbrella plant, make sure you leave at least 3 nodes or growing points on each stem. It will result in bushy and well-shaped growth of the plant.
  • After pruning the indoor umbrella plant, place the pot outdoors for a few days in the growing season to promote growth in maximum sunlight.
  • If the tree is too tall, and you haven’t used the pole pruner before, we recommend getting a professional gardening surface to ensure your and trees’ safety.


Where do you cut an umbrella plant?

To shorten the height of the plant, prune the upright stem of the umbrella plant just above the node. And if you want to give it a shape or control its width, cut horizontal branches of plants in equal size from all sides.

Can you cut the top off an umbrella plant?

Yes, you can cut the top off an umbrella plant to maintain its shape and height. You can regularly prune the umbrella plants from the top to control their height. However, if it is overgrown, you can do heavy pruning in late winters. Cut down the upright branches close to the stem to make it shorter.

Wrapping Up

For beautiful aesthetics and a manageable size, it is critical to prune the umbrella plant. Pruning umbrella plants is an easy and satisfying job if you do it regularly. I do light pruning every two weeks to maintain the size and shape of my umbrella plants. I’m hopeful this guide will help you manage your umbrella plant.