How to Revive a Dying Monstera Plant – Growth & Care 2022

Monstera plant is a well-known house plant that people usually use to decorate their house. This house plant does not need much time and energy, but it requires proper care. Without good care, you may lose your plant. For a plant lover, this is a horrible nightmare to see your favorite plant dying right in front of your eyes.

How to Revive Monstera Plant

We are so busy in our lives that we usually forget to water our house plants. I know how you will feel to see your Monstera plant dying because of your negligence. It may cause stress to many, but you do not need to think much about it because, in this review, I will tell you about the ways to revive a Monstera plant and the possible reasons that led your monstera plant to die.


If you want to revive a dying monstera plant, then the first thing you can do is watering your monstera plant. Your Monstera plant may need water to regain its health. But before pouring loads of water, you must know the exact cause because your Monstera plant may be dying because of over-watering. If your plant leaves are turning yellow or brown, this is the sign of underwatering your plant. Check the moisture before watering your plant to know what your plant needs to revive.

To revive your Monstera plant with water, fill the bucket and soak your plant for 20 to 30 minutes. In this way, your Monstera plant will regain its power. For me, the soaking method was very beneficial in reviving my dying Monstera plant. Water your Monstera plant a little in the first two weeks and go for routine care after that. If you see that your Monstera plant is still dry, then you can soak it in water for half an hour in the first week. Avoid soaking once you feel your plant’s root system is working correctly.

With the help of a soaking method, the Monstera plant will absorb some water and store it in its roots. Watering at once will let the water run out of the drainage hole and dry the roots again. If you want to prevent your water from underwatering, then use self-watering and terracotta pots. Self-watering pots will make sure that the plant gets the exact amount of water it needs. I have been using terracotta pots for my Monstera plant, keeping my plant from excessive moisture. These pots allow the excess water to evaporate and hence keeps your plant from damage.

Care For Leaves

Caring for leaves is equally important as for the root system. With negligence, the leaves of the Monstera plant may accumulate some of the dust particles. This build-up dust will keep the plant from photosynthesis, and as a result, the plant will not make its food through light. If you notice any build-up dust or pests accumulation, clean the leaves with soap water and give TLC.

Increasing Humidity

Increasing the humidity can also help your Monstera plant to revive. In winters, due to less humidity, Monstera plants can die or look unfresh. The use of heaters can remove the moisture from our houses which can make the environment dry. To increase humidity, you can use two methods. One way to increase humidity is by misting the Monstera leaves with water. The other way is by using a pebble tray. Fill the tray with water and place a Monstera plant on the pebble tray. The water in the tray will evaporate, and the plant will get the water it needs.

Correct The Lighting

Monstera plants need indirect light to grow. If your plant is exposed to direct sunlight or unintentionally left the plant near a window, you will notice patched leaves. Remove the plant from the window to the place where the plant is not exposed to direct sunlight. If you have mistakenly left a Monstera plant in the dark corner, the insufficient light will hinder its growth. Move the plant to the sunnier spot so it can revive again.

Reasons of Dying Monstera Plant

Over & Under-Watering

Several reasons can cause the death of a Monstera plant. Over and under watering can damage the plant. If you overwater the plant, the soil becomes too soggy, and the roots will not grow properly in that soil. Neglecting the plant for days can be a reason for dying. The signs of underwatering are discoloration, brown edges, patched leaves, and droopy leaves of monstera plant.


Pest infestation is one of the reasons that cause the death of the Monstera plant. Pests like mealybugs, spider mites, and scale insects can take hold of Monstera plants and hinder their healthier growth. To avoid pest infestation, clean the leaves with soap water. Furthermore, You can soak the Monstera plant in a bucket full of water. You can also treat Pests infestation by using neem oil on the Monstera leaves.

No Balanced Light

Light is necessary for the growth of the Monstera plant. Too much or little light can cause the death of this house plant. If the plant receives less light, the leaves will turn yellow, and the growth process will be affected. If the plant is exposed to direct sunlight, it can burn the leaves, and as a result, the leaves of the Monstera plant will fall or turn brown.


Why is my Monstera plant dying?

Monstera plants may die because of several reasons. If you notice droopy or brown leaves, then it may be because of over or under-watering. The other reasons include minimal or intense light, pests infestation, and low humidity. All these reasons are responsible for the death of a Monstera plant.

Will damaged Monstera leaves grow back?

No, unfortunately, damaged leaves can not grow back to the normal green leaf. You will have to cut or remove these leaves. Depending on the exact cause, you can always decide how to remove the dead leaves. Removal of these leaves is essential to promote the healthier growth of the monstera plant.

How can I revive my Monstera plant?

You can revive your dying Monstera plant by knowing the exact cause. Once you know the reason for the damage, you can use preventive measures to restore your Monstera plant. These measures include watering, increasing humidity, removing dust accumulation, proper light, feeding fertilizer, etc.


It is troublesome to revive house plants if neglected for extended periods, but you can revive a Monstera plant quickly with proper care and attention. It is essential to know what makes your Monstera plant lose its glow. When you know the cause of the problem, you can solve it in no time. It was a detailed review about how to revive a Monstera plant to help you save your dying Monstera plant.