How & When to Fertilize Cucumber Plant – Growth in 2022

Growing a cucumber plant is an easy task that does not require any special gardening skills. However, keeping the plant alive by feeding it the right type and amount of fertilizer is not as easy. Being a novice, knowing which fertilizer is more suitable for your cucumber plant can get tricky.

How & When to Fertilize Cucumber Plant

In addition to that, determining how and when to fertilize cucumber plants is the real game-changer that will either give you a fresh crop or a rotten one. In this article, I have shared all the information regarding fertilizers that helped my cucumber plants flourish.

Which Fertilizer To Use?

In addition to water, cucumber plants need fertilizers to grow rapidly and thrive. However, before you start throwing fertilizer on your cucumber plant, it is important to know which fertilizer your plant needs. Understanding the needs of your cucumber plants and the type of fertilizer it requires is important if you want your cucumber plant to thrive. If your crop is in the beginning stages, it will be best to use granular fertilizer with low nitrogen but high potassium and phosphorus.

You can check the numbers on the back of the bag to know the percentage of these three nutrients. It should be 5-10-10 or 3-4-6. Nitrogen helps in the growth of the foliage. On the other hand, potassium and phosphorus aid in increasing the production of cucumbers on the vines. The Mix Miracle Grow is a good granular fertilizer that you can sprinkle around the base of your cucumber plant.

Why Use A Fertilizer?

Adding fertilizer to a cucumber plant is simply giving the growth of the plant a boost. Fertilizers speed up the growth of the cucumber plants, and they make sure you enjoy ripe fresh cucumbers. Not adding fertilizer to the plant will slow down the growth of your cucumber plant, and the crop will underperform. Using a fertilizer will also make sure you end up with a crop that yields more cucumbers on a single vine. In addition to that, fertilizers will deliver bigger and juicier cucumbers.

How To Use The Fertilizer?

The best way to use liquid fertilizer on a cucumber plant is by giving them a small dose every day. Consistency is the key to success. From my experience, if you add more than the required amount of fertilizer, the plant will only produce an excessive amount of foliage.

Similarly, adding a low amount of fertilizer will slow down the growth of the cucumber plant. It is best if you feed the plant with a small dose of liquid fertilizer every day. Add the liquid fertilizer to the base of the plant so that the soil absorbs it. If you are using a granular fertilizer, sprinkle that in the roots too. Make sure you do not sprinkle the granular fertilizer directly on the plant, as that may burn and damage the crop.

When To Use The Fertilizer?

There are three stages when your cucumber plant needs to be fertilized the most. The first stage is when you are planting the cucumber plant. Adding fertilizer at that point boosts growth. The second stage where your crop needs to be fertilized is when you are adding mulch around your plant. Adding mulch to a cucumber plant helps in keeping weeds and pests at bay. Adding fertilizer to mulch will give an extra boost to your cucumber plant.

The third important stage where your cucumber plant needs to be fed fertilizer is when blossoms appear on the plant. It is best if you use liquid fertilizer at this stage. Never add the fertilizer directly to the plant’s leaves, as it may damage the plant rather than boost its growth.


There are two types of fertilizers; granular and liquid. The use of granular fertilizers is best in the first two stages of growth, i.e., when you plant the cucumber plant and when you add mulch. Granular fertilizers include a moderate amount of nitrogen, potassium, and high phosphorus. Nitrogen helps in foliage production, while potassium and phosphorus help in fruit growth. The liquid fertilizer is used when the plant starts growing and bearing fruit.


If you want to have a crop of a cucumber plant that is purely organic, without any chemical fertilizer, then it is best if you use an organic fertilizer. I mixed a part of compost into the soil to make organic fertilizer for my cucumber plant. This mixture is used when you are planting the seed into the soil. Just add a few inches of compost into the hole that you have dug in the ground, and then add the seed.


What type of fertilizer is best for cucumbers?

Whether you are using a liquid fertilizer or a granular one, the best fertilizer for a cucumber plant is the one that has nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Nitrogen grows the foliage, and the potassium and phosphorus give a boost to cucumber production.

Are coffee grounds good for cucumber plants?

In the seed stage, cucumber plants attract many pests and mildew diseases that can lead to the entire plant getting damaged and rotting. Adding 5% coffee grounds to the compost mixture will keep the crop safe and protected from mildew diseases.

Do you fertilize cucumbers when you plant them?

Yes, you should always fertilize your cucumbers when you plant them. However, cucumber plants also need to be fertilized when you add mulch and when the plant starts growing. Adding fertilizer in the growth stage will boost the growth and deliver ripe fruits.


Growing a cucumber plant at home is a good way to get your hands on fresh and ripe cucumbers. It is an easy job that does not require expert gardening skills. However, you need to know which type of fertilizer to use and how much to use to ensure your cucumber plant flourishes. I hope this article was helpful and gave you all the knowledge you needed to grow your cucumber plant.