Monstera Plant Drooping – Why & How to Save it TODAY

Whether planted in a garden in a large bunch or kept in a single plant in a pot kept indoors, monstera plants bring beauty to their surroundings. The large green leaves bring a fresh look to the environment. However, if not maintained properly, this fresh look can be ruined in a matter of days if the monstera plant starts discoloring and drooping.

Monstera Plant Drooping

Monstera plant may not require critical care, but it still needs to be taken care of to prevent the plant from drooping as well as you should be careful with Monstera plant around pets. After tinkering with my plants a little, I have found a few helpful tips and tricks to keep the plant alive. If you notice the leaves of your monstera plants drooping, you need to give this article a read to find out how to bring the plant back to its glory.

Why does Monstera Plant Droop?

Monstera plants look lively when they are in full bloom; they bring freshness to the garden. However, when the plant has drooping leaves, that ruins the vibrant and fresh look. It is also a clear indication that there is something wrong with your plant. There are a few reasons behind drooping leaves. These reasons have been stated below.

Watering Problem

The first reason behind the monstera plant drooping is a watering problem. A watering problem means either the plant is chugging more than the required amount of water, or it is not getting enough water. Both overwatering and underwatering can cause a monstera plant to droop.

You need to make a consistent watering schedule. Make sure the top 2-3 inches of the soil are slightly moist before you add more water to it. If the soil gets completely dry, that will cause the leaves to droop. Another thing to ensure is that when you add water to the plant, the excess water gets drained from the hole at the bottom of the pot. This will make sure that the plant is not getting over-watered.

Lack Of Humidity

Monstera plants thrive in humid environments. So, if you live in a less humid region and you notice the leaves of your monstera plant drooping, then that may be happening because they are not getting enough humidity. You can spray a mist of water on the leaves regularly to increase humidity. The second thing that you can do is add a humidifier near the plant, if you want your monstera to revive in a healthy enviornment.

Not Enough Light

When I say lighting problem, I do not mean place the plant in direct sunlight. These plants need light to thrive, but direct sun exposure can cause further damage to them. This is another reason behind the wilting leaves of a monstera plant. If you notice your plant’s leaves drooping and your watering schedule is regular, then the plant is not getting enough sunlight.

Fertilizer Problems

Monstera is a forest plant that means in full bloom; this plant will get quite big. Bigger plants need to be fed more fertilizer as they need more nutrients to survive. Adding too little fertilizer can hinder the growth of the plant. Similarly, adding too much fertilizer can cause root toxicity which will lead to the plant drooping. Here’s an ultimate guide on fertilizing your monstera plant.

Lack Of Support

A monstera plant cannot grow tall on its own; it needs external support to stand tall. In forests and natural environments, a monstera plant takes that external support from tree trunks. The plant climbs tree trunks and keeps growing and thriving. At home and gardens, the lack of external support can cause the monstera plant to droop.

Pests Attack

The major enemy of a plant that can hinder its growth or completely destroy the plant is pests. An attack of pests, especially mealy bugs and red spider mites, can cause the plant to lose its nutrients and water. This will lead to the plant dying; hence the leaves drooping.

What To Do?

Now that you are aware of all the reasons behind the drooping of the monstera plant, it is time to know all the preventive measures that you can take to keep it thriving. Make sure you are not overwatering or underwatering your monstera plant. Make a consistent watering schedule and stick to it.

If you notice any fertilizer sitting on the leaves of the plant, it is an indication that the plant is being fed more fertilizer than it needs. Keep adding water for 5 to 10 minutes so that all the extra fertilizer gets drained from the hole at the bottom of the pot.

How to Keep the Monstera Plant Alive?

Adding monstera plants in your garden is easy and requires no hassle. However, keeping that plant alive is the real challenge. After tinkering with my plants a little and making a few changes, I found a few things that helped me keep my monstera plants alive. If you have placed the plant indoors, make sure they are near the window where they get indirect sunlight. Check the top of the leaves to make sure no pests are making themselves at home.

Changing Color

The leaf of monstera plants changing their colors and turning to an ugly yellow from a lively green is a clear indication that your plant is not happy. Improper soil moisture is the leading cause of yellowing leaves. To prevent that, make sure the soil is damp and not soaking wet.


When you notice the leaves of your monstera plant drooping, the first thing that you need to check is the watering schedule. The major reason behind drooping leaves is a watering problem; either the plant is not getting enough water, or it is getting watered more than the required amount. From my experience, the easiest method of checking is by sticking a sharp object or stick into the soil up to 2-3 inches. If the stick is dry, that means the plant needs more water, and if the stick is soaking wet, that is an indication that you need to reduce the amount of water.


Why is my monstera plant drooping?

The most common cause of drooping in a monstera plant is either the lack or abundance of water. If the leaves of your monstera plant are drooping, then make a consistent watering schedule, and make sure that your plant is getting indirect sunlight.

How do you keep a monstera plant upright?

Monstera plant needs external support to grow to its full size. So, if you have planted your monstera plant in a place where there are no tree trunks, then you can provide external support to keep the plant upright by adding a moss pole near the plant.


A monstera plant drooping and dying is the nightmare of every gardening enthusiast. However, this nightmare can be prevented by taking a few precautionary measurements. I have shared all the tips and tricks in this article that will help you keep your monstera plant alive.