Umbrella Plant (Schefflera) Drooping – Why & How to Save it

Were you too busy to check your lovely umbrella plant? And now you are observing drooping in it? If so, you need to fix this drooping problem of your plant as soon as possible so that the plant can get well and thrive again.

The umbrella plant is a beautiful and refreshing plant that adds a tropical feel to your room or wherever it is placed. There are multiple reasons responsible for causing drooping effects in umbrella plants, and you need to take care of these reasons as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can cause permanent damage to your plant and can threaten its life.

Usually, umbrella plants are decorative ornamental plants that are easy to grow and manage.  If you want to manage your umbrella plant drooping, you need to go through this informative article completely, and I can assure you that it will help revive your plant.

Why is my Umbrella Plant Drooping

The main reasons you will observe drooping in this beautiful tropical plant are overwatering or underwatering issues. Harsh weather and excessive sunlight can also be the reason for umbrella plant drooping. Other causes can be over-fertilized soil and transplanting shock. These conditions are explained in detail as below,


Overwatering is by far one of the most common causes of leaves drooping in umbrella plants as it makes the soil wet and non-aerated for a long period of time. The main symptoms that you will observe in your overwatered plant pot are,

  • Wet and soggy soil
  • Yellowing of lower leaves
  • Wilting of the stem and rotting smell
  • Discoloration of younger leaves

You will observe these conditions if your plant is placed in a shady area. It has a clogged pot due to which excess water cannot move out and remains contained inside the pot. Continuous wet soil will not be airy; due to this, roots won’t take water and nutrients properly. This wet and soggy soil can easily cause fungal infections in the root and can cause root rot.

You can also observe wilting due to overwatering your plant when the pot size of your plant is either too big or small, and it has no proper drainage mechanism. You can overcome these overwatering issues through the following method.

  • Placing your pot at a bright place.
  • Watering it thrice a week and daily in summers.
  • If you smell a rotting smell, take the plant out of the pot and remove dying and damaged roots that are rotting.
  • Replace the soil in the pot.
  • Choose a pot with excessive drainage holes.
  • Make sure that the soil is neither too moist nor too dry as it will damage the plant.


Another major reason for umbrella plant drooping is underwatering. This plant is a tropical jungle plant that likes bright indirect light and humid conditions with proper water supply for its effective growth. Wilting is usually observed when the soil is dry or you forget to water it for a few days. The main symptoms that you will observe include,

  • Dry soil
  • Discoloration of leaves
  • Wilting of stem
  • Drooping of leaves

Once you notice the drying of a plant, you have to quickly revive it by watering it properly; if you are a busy person and it is tough for you to make time, then keep your pot at a place where you can water it; when you are getting water for yourself, it will be an easy reminder for you. You can also get self-watering pots that will help your plant get the water it requires without getting worried about it.

Low Light

The Umbrella plant is a tropical plant that needs bright indirect light for its proper growth. If you place the pot in a shady place or a place with low sunlight, you will quickly observe wilting in the plant as it shows the unhappy and stressful condition of the plant.

You can easily fix this low light problem by putting the pot of your umbrella plant in the bright indirect light. I would highly recommend you place it somewhere near the windows to have a maximum of indirect sunlight. If you are moving your plant from the shady area to the bright light area, I suggest you do this transitioning slowly. If you move your plant from shady areas to bright indirect light, it will be stressful and can burn your plant’s leaves.

Temperature Stress

Temperature maintenance is an important factor for plants. This plant likes growing in temperature 18-32 degrees but can survive at as low as 2 deg centigrade. If the temperature increases or decreases more than the optimum range, it can be stressful for your plant and be responsible for wilting.

Once the plant is placed under temperature stress, it will ultimately die, but surprisingly, you can revive it back by providing it good temperature and proper care due to strong roots. An easy solution for your plant’s stressful condition is to place it indoors where the temperature is normal or well maintained so that your plant can grow happily.

Over Fertilizing

Adding too much fertilizer to your plant can be toxic and damaging. It can be responsible for the instant drooping effect. While adding fertilizer, we usually make the mistake of adding a bit more fertilizer. It is good for adding nutrition to the soil, and it can cause damaging effects if present in excess.

Another cause of umbrella plant drooping can be fertilizing after short intervals. You can overcome these issues by keeping a proper check on fertilizing, and using them in small quantities will be enough. If you put fertilizer way too much, you can remove it easily by flushing the water through your pot multiple times.

Transplanting Shock

Transplanting shock is commonly observed in umbrella plants after repotting. It is a stressful condition that is noticed in plants after they are drafted into hot or cold air. Sometimes, the roots will stop working due to the new atmosphere and shift, and you will observe drooping in the plant.

If this is the condition then you don’t need to worry about it, it is a temporary shock that your plant is facing, and it will retain its rigidity after some time. Please do not disturb the roots of the plant once you have re-potted them because it will cause permanent damage to your plant, due to which your plant can eventually die.

How to Keep my Umbrella Plant Alive?

You can keep your beautiful and lush green tropical umbrella plant alive by ensuring that it is living in its optimal conditions and there is no external stress that your plant is facing. The optimal conditions for your plant are:

  • Place it in indirect bright light
  • Avoid excessive watering
  • Make sure the soil is moist and airy
  • Keep the pot unclogged
  • Make sure there is a drainage hole in the pot
  • Provide it fertilizer once in a while
  • Keep them safe from extreme temperatures
  • After repotting, give them time to stabilize
  • Water them regularly in summers but avoid overwatering
  • Keep them away from pests, and if you notice them remove them by using water and remove the damaged part of the leaf.

Changing Color

The leaves of plants are usually the most sensitive part. If the plant is present in any stressful conditioning or is unhappy, you will also observe drooping in the leaves and discoloration. This discoloration is also observed when you overwater or underwater the plant. In this stressful condition, the leaves of the plant will turn yellow. They will become brittle once the plant is drying. Brown color appearance is usually seen in the young leaves of umbrella plants.


How do you fix a droopy umbrella plant?

Check the soil of the pot if it is too dry or too soggy. Suppose one of the conditions is present, your plant is droopy because of overwatering or underwatering. Allow the soil to get moist if it is too soggy for fixing the drooping, and water the plant if the soil is too dry.

How do you revive a droopy plant?

Remove the plant from the planter and place it in a bucket with at least 2 inches of water. Leave the plant in the bucket for at least 24 hours. You will observe lush green plants after 24 hours with rigid stems and full of life.

How do you revive an umbrella tree?

You can revive your umbrella tree by putting it in bright indirect sunlight. Make sure it is watered properly, and humid conditions are managed. Provide it nutrition through fertilizer for complete revival.


If you are looking for methods to save your umbrella plant, I am glad that you came across this article. I hope it will help take care of your umbrella plant drooping. You can grow your plant easily at your home and it will become perfectly green and beautiful if you provide it with good optimal conditions for growth only.