Why do Azalea Leaves Change their Color [ Brown, Yellow ]

What could be prettier than a bunch of azalea shrubs in a spring bloom? Azaleas are the perfect flowering shrubs if you want to add a touch of color to your garden. It is believed that Azaleas are the kind of shrubs that require the least amount of effort when it comes to maintenance. However, being a gardener, I do have an idea that they tend to get discolored. Azaleas might turn yellow, brown, or sometimes even black.

In this guide, I would share one of the most effective ways by which you can save your dying Azalea plants. I would also share some tips that can help you take care of them in the future.

Reasons why Azalea is Changing Colors

While there could be plenty of reasons why your Azaleas are changing their color, possibly bugs, diseases, or the condition of the environment, the color they change into can help you a lot in pinpointing the exact reason. So in order to solve the issue of discoloration, you must first examine your plant.

Azalea Leaves Turning Brown

Upon examining the Azalea shrubs, if you notice that the leaves have turned brown, the following might be the causes for the discoloration:

Lack of Hydration

If your Azalea leaves have turned brown, the main reason behind it could be a lack of hydration. It is obvious that Azaleas, just like all other plants, need water. It is possible that it hasn’t rained in months and you have also been lazy in watering your plants. In order to get your Azaleas back to their original color, you must water them. Pour some water on your Azaleas, and you would notice that they get their original color back.

Nutrient Deficiencies

Nutrient deficiencies are yet another reason which causes the Azalea leaves to turn brown. There is a possibility that your Azaleas are not absorbing enough calcium or potassium from the soil. Or the soil in which the Azaleas are planted itself lacks these nutrients. It is important for Azaleas to get the right amount of nutrients; if they do not get the right amount of nutrients, they discolor.

Azalea Leaves Turning Yellow

Suppose you observe that the Azalea shrubs have turned yellow. The following might be the causes of this type of discoloration:


Chlorosis is one of the most common reasons why Azalea leaves turn yellow. Chlorosis is a condition in which the leaves do not get the right amount of chlorophyll. It is obvious that chlorophyll is the pigment that gives the leaves its color, which is green. The absence of this pigment causes Azaleas to turn yellow. One of the main reasons which might breed chlorosis in Azaleas is that the soil in which they are planted is not acidic. The soil in which Azaleas are planted should be well-balanced. It must have all nutrients and should have well-balanced pH.

Azalea Leaves Turning Black

If you examine your Azalea shrubs and find out that the leaves have turned black, you might panic a bit because it is one of the rarest possibilities. However, you can quickly fix this problem as the main cause behind it are pests.

Sooty Mold

If your Azaleas are turning black, it has probably been attacked by the sooty mold. Sooty mold is basically black spots that cover the stem and the leaves of the Azaleas. While it might seem almost harmless, it is important to understand that once your Azaleas are covered by these black spots, it becomes almost impossible for them to get sunlight which might even cause the Azaleas to eventually wither.

How to Take Care of Azaleas?

If you are a gardener, it is obvious that you worry about keeping your plants fresh. Even though it is totally normal for plants to wither and for Azaleas to change their color, there are ways which you can use to prevent discoloration and take care of them in the future. You need to take care of them from the start.

As I mentioned earlier as well, Azaleas are the type of plants that do not require a lot of effort for maintenance. Hence, it is quite easy to prevent discoloration and take care of them in the future. You just need to make sure that the Azaleas have been planted in well-balanced soil, which has the right amount of nutrients, including calcium and potassium. Furthermore, you need to take care of the water intake of the plant. Above all, they should receive the right amount of sunlight, so they do not wither away and stay healthy and green.


Why are my Azalea leaves turning yellow with black spots?

Your Azaleas are turning yellow because of a common condition called chlorosis, which is the absence of chlorophyll, the pigment which gives the leaves its green color. You need to check out the pH balance of your soil and make sure it is acidic.

Why are my Azalea leaves turning black?

The leaves of the Azalea shrub that you have planted are turning black because it is under the attack of the Sooty Mold. Sooty Mold is basically a disease contracted by plants in which black spots appear on the pants, which hinder it from getting sunlight.


Azalea shrubs are one of the most beautiful flowering shrubs one can plant in their gardens, but if you’ve got pets, then you need to make sure your pet stays away from Azalea. While it takes little or no effort for their maintenance, they have a tendency of discoloration. In order to fix the problem of discoloration in Azaleas, you need to make sure you take care of them by providing them adequate water, sunlight and by ensuring they are planted in soil that has a well-balanced PH.