Yucca Plant Dying – How to Save Today for Healthy Growth

The Yucca plant is among the common plants which are placed both indoor and outdoor. It makes your garden’s look more attractive. This indoor-outdoor plant is not very demandable in terms of care. Yucca plant is an easy-going plant and convenient to care for, but still, several problems may arise in your unique vertical plant.

These problems, when maximized, results in the death of the yucca plant. Unless and until you take extra care of the plant, this would not relive again. This article consists of the causes and their solutions on why Yucca plants die and how to help to relieve them.

Revive Yucca Plant Dying

Before directly jumping into the dying yucca plant and how to save it, the first step you have to take is to identify what they are—possible causes of death. Let us identify that and then see what we can do to save your plant.

Possible Causes Of Dying And How To Save Your Yucca Plant

Numerous causes can result in the death of the Yucca plant. Try to identify them as soon as possible so that you can help your plant in time. The Yucca plant hurries towards recovery; little steps can make you achieve good health of your Yucca plant.

This article consists of the most common causes and how to deal with them to make your dying Yucca plant live again.

1. Over Watering

The Yucca plant does not require water every time. This plant can survive drought conditions easily for many days. Extra water always harms your Yucca plant. Try to give only recommended water and try not to overwater it. At first, you will notice yellowing in leaves and roots rotting at the start of watering. In the later stages, the plant will die. Try to give water only when you notice the plant is drying out. And never water it regularly.

  • Important: Give water to the plant only when the soil looks dry.

2. Temperature Range

The Yucca plant lives in a specific but wide temperature range from 30 degrees Celsius to 7 degrees Celsius. This plant lives in between this temperature range. Above or below this temperature, you will notice the plant losing its life, and the symptoms will appear in leaves. As soon as you see the spotting in leaves, change the temperature of the Yucca plant and keep it in its fixed temperature range.

  • Important: Maintain the temperature range, 7° Celsius to 30° Celsius, as much as possible.

3. Lack of Sunlight

The Yucca plant loves sunlight. It grows very well and speedily in sunlight. If you place your yucca plant inside the house, the plant may lack enough sunlight and lead to death. The first step of interpreting that the Yucca plant is receiving less sunlight is the leaves will turn dark green, and soon after that, they will turn yellow and fall off. To avoid the death of the Yucca plant with the cause of less sunlight, place your Yucca plant near the window or take it to your lawn for a few days. It will eventually grow again.

  • Important: Keep your Yucca plant in 8 hours of sunlight daily.

4. Excessive Fertilizer

The Yucca plant is a slow-growth plant. It doesn’t need much fertilizer for its entire life because it grows slowly, not quickly. For Yucca plants, the best suitable fertilizer is water-soluble fertilizer. They are not very concentrated and will not let your plant die. The best time to fertilize your plant is every three months. The initial symptoms of a Yucca plant receiving more than necessary fertilizer are brown tips of leaves, zero growth, and leaf dropping. When you start noticing these physical changes, try to wash the soil thoroughly with water.

  • Important: Only fertilize four times per year to get the best growth of your Yucca plant.

5. Pest infestation

The Yucca plant is not very open to pests. The insects are the lowest in the list of problems that can cause death in a Yucca plant. But keep an eye on mealybugs and aphids. Aphids eat the leaves. If they grow in number, the plant will die at the end. Mealybugs leave behind the waxy white filmy look, which causes the leaves to drop off. When you notice such insects on your plant, wash your plant with water and spray some horticultural oil to keep your plant safe from bugs.

  • Important: Spray your plant with horticultural oil every month.

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Will bleach kill a Yucca plant?

Most probably yes. The bleach consists of very harsh chemicals, and the plants are living beings. They cannot survive such harshness. Please do not wash your plants with the use of bleach because it will damage the plant’s interior very severely.

Does salt kill Yucca?

Yucca is a hot weather plant. Salt is used as a desiccant to dry the soil, remove moisture and kill the plant. The salt will kill the Yucca plant if used in excess. It will not harm the children or the environment but will eventually cause the death of Yucca.

Does Yucca need extra sunlight?

Yucca is a hot climate plant. It grows better in sunlight. The average sunlight of 8 hours per day is enough for yucca to grow better and more. Try to place yucca in direct sunlight outdoors and near the window if the plant is indoor.


Your Yucca plant looks beautiful and decent when placed indoors in your lounge. It doesn’t need much attention but also requires some care. Many reasons can lead you to the death of the Yucca plant. Try to notice every change in your plants and take steps according to them. This article contains the possible causes of death in the Yucca plant and how to help your plant survive. Try to read them and apply them to your Yucca plant.